Our Story

The Make Fun of Life brand was created to inspire and promote wellness. With half of America facing hardships through a rising number of chronic illnesses, this brand was created to turn the negative impressions that illness leaves, into positive, lasting, impactful memories. Founded by T.B. – who has also suffered from a chronic illness for over 14 years – fun became a distant thought until one day a decision was made to look at life differently. To stop focusing on what wasn’t going right and to create new, “fun” experiences while moving to a tailored beat. This had a very positive effect on personal recovery and finding a sense of normalcy.

It’s more than apparel and accessories. Choosing to “make things fun in life” should be a “not so serious” commitment to promoting overall wellness.  We are a simple brand, hoping to provide lasting impressions that will change lives.

Our mission

As our brand grows we are hoping to provide relief and support for those suffering with chronic illnesses. Making fun of life should be an option for everyone.